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Car Simulator 2
  • Oppana Games
  • Ios Android
  • June 4, 2021
  • 33M

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Car Simulator 2 is a fun driving game.

In this game, you can unlock various luxury cars. There are different types of cars in this game. It is exciting to try driving various cars that are untouchable in real life. Compared to other similar car driving games, you will have a completely different feeling trying this game. You will feel the speed, passion, freedom and other things that you really desire in real life, but for various reasons it is impossible or difficult for you to experience them in real life. In addition, you can drive these cars freely in the city. You will feel complete freedom. You can also compete with other players. This game has many tough challenges. You can try to conquer other skilled car driving players in this game. Talking with your playmates online from time to time is the most exciting thing you can do while driving. Of course, if you perform well, you will be rewarded. Sometimes you will get a new car. The interior of the car will not let you down either. Different cars are decorated in different styles. Sometimes you will be rewarded with gold coins. With these gold coins, you can unlock more favorite cars and buy garages. It is very important for you to have a big garage when you win a lot of cars. Overall, this is a wonderful game that you can easily get addicted to because all the players in this game are real. You can share every exciting detail with them and re-live it together. Therefore, you will not feel alone while playing the game. Finally you can invite your friends to play this game with you and compete with each other. The winner will be rewarded with great prizes.

Play the most realistic driving simulator of 2021!

A new open world, over 35 new cars, and exciting gameplay await you!

Race online against real players from all over the world, win and earn currency that can be used to buy new cars, upgrades, garages and houses.

Travel around the city with your friends, upgrade your cars, enter and win crazy races, explore a big city, and be the best player ever!

Race according to your own rules! Let the fun begin!

How to play

A fun free game that's great.

- Online and single player modes.

- 3D open world.

- Daily bonuses and missions.

- Fully detailed models.

- Driving from a first or third person perspective.

- 360 degree car interiors.

- Many interactive elements in car models.

- Realistic physics and sound effects.

- Mechanic with lots of upgrade options for your car.

- Interactive gas stations.

- Exciting missions in the form of quests, arcade challenges and races.

- Dynamic day and night cycles.



1. Buy new cars and upgrade them to win new races

2. Don't drive too fast in the city - drive carefully

3. Watch out for the police - if they catch you speeding, they will give you a ticket

4. Pay attention to interactive prompts and dialogs

5. don't forget to fill up at gas stations

6. bribes are cheaper than official tickets

7. you can earn extra money by raising cab fares or working for the mob

8. Obey the rules of the road


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