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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars
  • Android Ios
  • 4 February 2021
  • 82.84 MB

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Enter a fantasy world as a great lord, build your own kingdom, train a powerful army and engage in epic world wars. Take over enemy cities, capture all the legendary heroes, form powerful alliances with like-minded players to help each other and crush those who stand in your way of world domination!

The game combines role-playing, real-time strategy and world-building mechanics. Its gameplay includes a variety of game modes, the most compelling of which is PVP combat. You can develop your own base and build an army in order to attack enemy bases, destroy them, seize resources and capture enemy leaders. Normally, you can only attack the enemies of your own kingdom, but during Kingdom Wars all servers (excluding new ones) are under attack. You can attack monsters and other world leaders (dark lairs) that appear regularly on the kingdom map in order to take resources from them. In addition to the regular attacks, you can also take part in tournaments whose aim is to take a position on the map in order to win bonuses for yourself or for the guild you belong to.

Train your troops, upgrade your heroes and lead your kingdom to prosperity and victory.

Victory brings hero experience and a higher ranking on the Roman arena leaderboard. The game's premium currency is earned based on your ranking.

Attacking and defending in the game requires the development of tactical and strategic thinking. Not only do you have to know who the heroes taking part in the battle are and what kind of equipment they wear, but you also have to be able to make quick decisions relevant to the current situation. Occupying locations (such as Marvel) in many ways requires multiple players in a guild to coordinate their attacking actions.

How to play

All heroes in the game have their own unique skills and attacks. The heroes are the five-man warriors with special skills in the adventure replicas, and when they enter the legion wars they become the super generals who lead the soldiers into battle and make the battle go on like clockwork!

You can join an alliance! Join an alliance and discuss strategy with your allies, or gather an army and join them in an epic battle against an enemy alliance.

Upgrade all kinds of functional buildings, build walls, research technology, train armies, upgrade heroes, collect food and dig mines, all with the help of a great lord, and attack enemy bases to make your kingdom grow stronger and stronger!

The game is divided into cavalry, infantry, bowmen and stone throwers, all of which have distinctive features and fatal weaknesses. With good intelligence, a clear strategy and the right combination of heroes' legion skills, a good victory is not out of reach!

The game also features several other game modes Heroic Levels - PvE mode, where you use unique heroes to tackle a range of challenges. Completing stages earns you new heroes, hero experience and materials for hero equipment.

Colosseum - PvP mode, where you choose up to five heroes and fight against another player's pre-selected heroes.

Labyrinth - PvE mode, where you can challenge monsters for various resources and speed items. Sometimes you may win big prizes on gems.

Kingdom Tycoon - PvE mode, where you roll dice and move forward using your luck tokens until you reach the end of the map. You'll get different resources, items and even chests along the way, and finally a Grimlin made of gems for a chance to win a gem prize.

Come along and upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, upgrade your heroes and lead your kingdom to prosperity!


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