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ABOUT Adam and Eve 3


My World is a sandbox game that has become very popular and widespread around the world. The game itself comes with many different types of languages, so it is very sticky and can be played by friends from most countries/regions, and the game focuses on allowing players to explore, interact, and change a map that is dynamically generated from cubes the size of a cubic meter. In addition to cubes, environmental features include plants, creatures and items. Some of the activities in the game include gathering ores, fighting hostile creatures, synthesizing new cubes and collecting tools for the various resources found in the game. The game's unlimited mode allows players to create creations and artwork on various multiplayer servers or in their single player mode. Other features include redstone circuits for logic and telekinesis, a mining cart system, and a mysterious world called the "Underworld. Ultimately, it's possible to venture into a dimension called the "Endlands" and defeat the Mordor.

The multiplayer in Minecraft runs through player-built servers that allow multiple players to interact and communicate with each other in one world, and it allows you to craft and design everything yourself, so if you are interested in crafting and designing, then you will love it. In addition, you don't need a lot of special skills, you just need to use your brain, use your imagination and make what you like and need the way you like it. Another thing is that it exercises not only the game, but also your design skills and design thinking, and without giving you the world of games where you can have pets.

You will have fun here and not have to imitate anyone's buildings, just create worlds based on your own imagination. It is so exciting to feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment when you build a house or a pool.

There are no tasks or restrictions in the game, build the wrong building and no one will criticize you because you are the only owner of the location and the decision is yours to make.

Explore unlimited worlds and build everything from the simplest houses to the grandest castles. Get creative with endless resources, or explore the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to defend against dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive on your own.

And you can also freely choose the modes in the game (survival, creation, adventure, extreme (Java version only) and spectator (Java version only) modes) to experience different and interesting gameplay in various modes, you can enjoy fighting monsters and adventures in survival mode, and enjoy being a creator god in creation mode. The game is based on the theme that players are free to create and destroy different kinds of cubes in three-dimensional space. Players can destroy or create exquisite buildings and art in single-player or multiplayer mode, or collect items to explore the map to complete the game's main line. Players can also try high-tech gameplay such as Redstone Circuit and Command Cube.

Build what you want here. Let your imagination run wild in creation mode and build with unlimited resources.

Become a skilled crafter and make the most of your surroundings to gather building materials - learn how cutting down trees can help you create new creations.

Prepare for endless adventures as you build, dig, battle creatures, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.

And this game also supports multiplayer, players can enjoy multiplayer content through server and local online mode, Java platform supports cross-platform multiplayer mode: Windows, Mac and Linux; bedrock version supports cross-platform multiplayer mode: with Windows 10 version, XboxOne, mobile platform and Switch; famous servers in China version are flower and rain garden server, EC mini-game server, dream sea server, etc.; famous servers in Java version are: hypixe server

Hurry up and join us to build a colorful world with your friends and enjoy the joy of this unique world!

How to play

The player (Steve's default character) is the character the user controls in the world. When the user starts a new game, the player is placed into a random or designated seed world with an empty item bar. The player has a life bar of 10 hearts (i.e., 20 life points) and takes damage from hits by hostile creatures, neutral creatures, and other players, which varies by difficulty. Life points can be restored naturally (only if hunger is full) or by drinking specific potions (unconditional restoration in peaceful mode). Hunger is also a non-peaceful mode indicator that will gradually deplete over time and will increase when sprinting. Food can restore hunger value. 

Player skins can be modified on the official website's profile page as well as in the Minecraft launcher.

The game character "Steve" has a base attack power: 1; life: 20; armor: custom, Steve is the first user-operated character. Appearing in the second beta version and in subsequent versions, Steve was known as a human and could only run around the blocks in a near-twitchy manner. The default player is called "Steve". The default player's skin has brown hair and blue-violet eyes, and wears a blue shirt, a pair of jeans and gray and black shoes.

"Alex" base attack power: 1; life: 20; armor: custom

Alex is a female character from the 1.8 update and the PE version of the 0.11.0 beta. Observe her front through the blonde braid can determine the gender of women, observe her back will find the arm body shape is small. The default for pirate users is Alex after 1.8. The transliteration of Alex varies, here Alex is the common translation, there are also transliteration of Alex, etc.

The game also allows you to design and explore the entire world without limits, from simple houses to castles, from nothing to everything, it all comes from your imagination. You can build a beautiful garden, plant all kinds of flowers and trees in the garden, take a dip in a wide swimming pool with your friends in the hot summer, raise some of your favorite animals on the farm, and so on. You can even grow some food and make some tools.

In survival mode you can explore deeper, find some gold and diamonds, make some weapons and armor to defend against dangerous creatures and prevent them from attacking your house, these weapons can protect you, you can do everything possible to make as many useful weapons and collect some useful resources.

The most touching thing is that there is a creation mode in the game, where you will have unlimited resources and can fly, and you can use this mode to build large buildings without having to worry about running out of resources.

You can also invite unlimited friends to play with you and can design amazing buildings together, which is also a great experience.

If you are not satisfied with the real world, then you must come to Minecraft, where you will have unlimited freedom and start a new life where everything will be nice and fun!


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