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  • Lowtech Studios LLC
  • Ios Android
  • December 20, 2019/October 22, 2020
  • 33.89 MB/43.99MB

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Slither.io is an addictive multiplayer snake game based on the classic game Snake.Snake You can play against other people online and compete to become the biggest snake!. The game will end when the head of your snake touches another snake. And on the contrary, you can continue the game when other snakes touch you.The game is all about eating out other snakes and become the biggest one. Slither.io is a game that the developer firstly released on March 30th in America. The craziest thing was that they did not plan to do any promotion or advertisement for it, but all of sudden, everyone was talking about the snake all over the world. As it becomes part of the popular activity for millions of people, the old server seems incapable of retaining a good condition of that game. Therefore the developer starts a journey of constantly optimizing the game code to make it smoother and more fun for every player. Gameplay Slither.io is one of the best examples of a theory - the simplest, the most addicting. The sole mission of any player is to collect colorful balls to help you grow longer. You will start off as a tiny little worm, and the more balls you collect, the larger you get. It's ok to touch your own tail, but you will blow up once you hit any other snake. Other players will try to kill you and take away your hard-earned balls, so be careful and alert when you are gaming. What's more, big snakes tend to pick up little ones to eat, so it's better to keep a distance from them when you are not powerful enough. Final thoughts With the simple concept, smooth graphics, and good gameplay, it's an excellent game for people to kill some time and fun. Despite its simple operation, it still manages to be a game with the whole package which means you'll die, explode, and then come back looking for revenge and more power.

How to play

In the game, the player controls a small worm-like creature, finding and capturing various colored dots on the map to make its size bigger, while destroying other players to get more dots and move towards the goal of becoming the biggest worm on the server. If the head of a player's bug touches another player's bug, the player will die. However, if another player encounters you, then they will explode and you can eat their remains! Even if you are small, the player's corpse will turn into extra bright and large dots, the color of which corresponds to the color of the player's bug. Fast movement helps to destroy other players. Another strategy to defeat other players is to circle around them until they get caught in the circle that the player has made with his body and cannot escape, and finally hit the player's body head on. The map has a border, and if the player hits the border, he or she will simply disappear without leaving a dot.


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