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Brawl Stars
  • Supercell Oy
  • Android Ios
  • 28 June 2021
  • 177M

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ABOUT Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is a freemium mobile real-time strategy game third-person shooter developed and published by Finnish video game developer Supercell. Designed for mobile with fast-paced 3-on-3 multiplayer battles and ring modes! Team up with friends or be a lone hero and play multiple modes to win or lose in 3 minutes.

With a wide range of heroes to unlock and upgrade, use your powerful super skills, star power and portable gadgets to sweep the battlefield! Collect unique skins to make a difference.

Play a variety of game modes

- Gem Battles (3 vs 3): Team up and outsmart your opponents. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, or lose all your gems if you are knocked down.

- Duel in the Wilderness (single/pair): Ring mode, fight to the end. Collect energy blocks and strengthen your hero. Team up with a friend or go solo and fight to the end in a fierce battle! The winner is the king!

- Brawl Football (3 v 3): Brawl like never before! Show off your skills on the green field and score the first two goals to win. No need to worry about getting a red card here!

- Bounty Hunters (3 v 3): Beat the enemy and earn bounty stars, while beware of the opponent's counterattack. The team with the most bounty stars wins the game!

- Vault Attack (3 v 3): Protect our treasure chests while destroying the other team's. Use the grass and cover on the map to break into your opponent's position and break through the treasure chests.

- Special events: limited time appearances in match and co-op mode!

- Global Championship Challenges: Take part in in-game challenges and join the Wilderness Brawl gaming extravaganza!

Unlock and upgrade heroes

Unlock and upgrade your heroes and use powerful super skills, star power and portable gadgets to take on the battlefield. Level up your heroes to make them even more powerful. Collect personalised skins to make yourself stand out in the battle.

Golden Tickets

Complete quests to win treasure chests, gems, emotes and exclusive Smash Tickets skins! Each themed season has brand new content for you to experience.

Be a Smash Star

Prove you're the best Smash Master by hitting the leaderboards!

There's no end to it!

New heroes, new skins, new maps, new modes and new events will be added all the time!

Game features.

- Play 3-on-3 real-time battles with players from around the world

- Fast-paced ring mode designed specifically for mobile

- Unlock and collect new powerful heroes, each with their signature normal attacks and super skills

- New events and modes every day

- Play solo or in teams, each with their own fun

- Hit the leaderboards

- Form or join a team and share your experience and skills with your friends

- Unlock different skins to give your heroes more personality

- Play on challenging player-designed maps

How to play

Football Brawl: Both players compete for the football in the field and the first team to kick two goals into the opponents' goal or the team with the most goals at the end of time wins. If the game is tied at the end of time, it will go into extra time and all obstacles on the field will be cleared and the team that kicks the ball into the opponent's goal first will win outright. If there is still no goal at the end of extra time, the game will end in a draw.

Bounty Hunter: Defeat the enemy hero to earn a Bounty Star. At the start of the game, there will be a blue star in the middle of the field and each hero will have two stars at the start or when they come back to life five seconds after being killed, with one more if they successfully kill the enemy, up to a maximum of seven, with the team with more bounty stars at the end of time winning. If there is a tie, the side with the blue star (a star that is automatically generated in the centre of the map at the start of the match, replacing one of the two stars that the player has had for a long time at the start, if the owner of the star is killed by the enemy, the star will be owned by the enemy killer) wins.

Vault Attack: Both players have a vault, the first to destroy the enemy's vault or the one with the more blood in the vault at the end of the time wins.

Extreme Elimination: The side that kills all the enemy players or has the most kills before the countdown ends wins, and after a period of time, a poisonous gas slowly spreads from the top and bottom to the centre. (The game is played on a two-out-of-three system).

Battle for the stronghold: There will be 1 to 3 circular strongholds in the field and both sides will stand in the stronghold until it reaches 100% or until the time runs out (the higher side with 100% occupation or after the time runs out wins).

Mech Attack: Both sides have a turret (if you are within the dotted line and enter before the mechs, you will be attacked by the turret). The first to destroy the enemy's multi-purpose turret wins. The first side to destroy the enemy's multipurpose turret or the side with the more blood in the multipurpose turret at the end of time wins.

All game modes in the current version do not respawn with full bullets (remastered fields do not count)

Single player/dual player modes

Winning or losing in these modes affects the hero's cup.

Duel in the Wilderness: A single player or two player team mode where ten players fight each other and whoever survives to the end wins. During the game, you can fight chests that contain energy cubes (+400 life, +10% of original damage), which boost your character's blood and attack power, but the damage of the accompanying magic tools and star power will only maintain the original damage.

Star Hunt (limited time mode): This mode is a single player mode. Defeating an enemy hero earns you a bounty star (or star for short). Each hero starts with two stars or is resurrected after being killed, and one more if they succeed in killing the enemy, up to a maximum of seven.

Chieftain Swarm Battle Launched together with Star Hunt Smash : This mode is a single player mode where a mech chief appears in the middle of the map at the start of the game and all players have to do is try to deal as much damage as possible to the mech chief and the player who deals the most damage after the death of the mech chief wins.

Weekend Events

These modes do not affect the number of cups for heroes.

Battle of the Chosen (1V5 event): A leader is chosen at random from six players, and the leader's life and attack abilities are enhanced. If the leader survives until the end of time, the leader wins, while if the other players defeat the leader before the end of time, five players win.

Battle of the Chiefs (3 player event): Players must defeat the Mecha Chief (AI), all three players lose.

Mech Invasion (3 player event): Players have two minutes to protect the vault from being destroyed by the Mechs (AI).

Monster Rampage (3 player event): Players need to defeat the Monster (AI) before it destroys all buildings, if the Monster/Dinosaur destroys all buildings or all three players die, the player loses.

Starlight League

This mode is unlocked when the player reaches 4500 trophies, and is divided into a single player mode and a three player mode. After disabling, neither team can choose the hero. Then there is a turn taking phase where each player has to follow the game's instructions. Both teams will be able to choose their own heroes, and only 1 player will be able to choose them:

Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III, Mythic I, Mythic II, Mythic III, Legend I, Legend II, Legend III, Master.

Players can complete quests during the Starlight League season to be eligible for end-of-season rewards such as unlocked avatars and themed season skin purchases.





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