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Cat Runner: Decorate Home
  • Ivy
  • Ios Android
  • May 21, 2021
  • 67M

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Cat Runner is the best cat running game. Decorate your home for free! From the living room to the bedroom or many other rooms, you can design and decorate everything with your love!

Have hours of fun with your beloved cat and run to collect gold coins after being robbed in this endless runner game! Explore new worlds and race only at breakneck speeds. Keep running the adventure and dodge fast cars and trains while chasing bandits.

It's easy to control, run as fast as you can and sprint through endless city scenes. Be careful to avoid the carriers, collect more and more coins and buy more props. There are many pets to choose from, cats, unicorns and dogs. Each pet runner has a unique style. Take your favorite pet to get the first place.

Original running mode, endless mode and competitive online sprint. In competitive mode, you can get treasure chests and surprises to watch for gifts, diamonds, coins or props. Upgrade your props, MEGA HEADSTART, score booster, hover skateboard. Competitive mode is very exciting and fun, sprint with the world players and observe the prizes.

Challenge the cat runner level and enjoy the home decoration. Make your home here, more decoration options, design a different home. Run as fast as you can. Get more and more coins to design.

How to play

In this game, you will have a running adventure with your pet. All you need to do is to enjoy the running experience with your little pet. Moreover, you can collect gold coins on the way. With these coins, you can buy new clothes for your pet and other equipment. Unlike other similar games, this game has multiple worlds for you to explore so you won't get bored. Besides cats, you can lead dogs and bears to run. This is the most remarkable feature of this game. Running wildly around the city with a cute bear is really exciting, although running with a traditional cat is also good. Challenge yourself by successfully avoiding or flying over all these obstacles, which is also a wonderful experience, including rushing towards your car or train at a very high speed. There is no time limit. The longer you survive in this game, the higher your score will be. So remember, survival is the most important thing, which means that sometimes it is not wise to risk your life to collect a gold coin or two.

Even if you are new to the game, this game is not too difficult to play because it doesn't require much control skills. You just need to run as fast as you can and collect gold coins!


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