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Bricks Breaker Quest
  • Ios Android
  • April 5, 2021/March 16, 2021
  • 43.75 MB/201.23MB

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Bricks Breaker Quest is graphically very simple. If it weren't for the fact that the ball is round, then Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that could have come out at any time in the last 43 years since the original Breakout. But even with its simple design, Breaks Breaker Quest looks good on modern devices. All text is clear and easy to read, and all objects are easily distinguishable. The bricks look like boxes, the balls look like the shapes you choose, and the diamonds look like the stereotypical diamonds you often see in the media.

The sound design of Bricks Breaker Quest is simple; an audible thump when the ball hits a breakthrough, the characteristic sound of a laser destroying a cube, and a little jingle when you win or lose. Otherwise, it's a very quiet game that shouldn't bother others around you too much if you're playing at a very low volume.

Bricks Breaker Quest makes use of the diamonds you earn after each successful map, which you can use for new shapes of balls, a continuous option if unsuccessful, and some randomly generated power-ups. But you don't need to buy anything in any way that performs well in the game. In fact, I actively discourage it. Games like this one are all about solving the puzzles you encounter.

How to play

From start to finish, Bricks Breaker Quest is fun. It's built entirely around touchscreen controls; you control a small block at the bottom of the screen in order to break all the bricks at the top of the screen before they fall to the bottom. It's very simple, but throughout the game you'll be faced with increasing challenges. You can press and hold on the screen to get the right angle for your ball to move and release when you see the ideal angle. But beware; what you think is the best angle may not be how the ball bounces. But don't let that frustrate you. The controls are so tight that any misses are your fault.

How to play -The ball flies anywhere you touch it. -Clear the stage by removing the bricks from the board. -Break the bricks and never let them fall to the lowest point. -Find the best position and angle to hit each block. Features -Free to play -Lots of stages -Various types of balls -Easy to play, simplest game system, designed for a handheld game.


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