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Craftsman: Building Craft
  • StarGame22
  • Android
  • June 12, 2019
  • 24M

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Craftsman: Building Craft is a sandbox world simulation free game launched by foreign game company StarGame22. Players in the game will enjoy the survival mode and creation mode two different types of world life experience. In the former world, players need to fight with monsters with the help of various tools in the limited resources; in the latter world, players can freely build the world of their dreams. The gameplay is extremely similar to My World.

raftsman: Building Craft" is a free sandbox game comparable to "My World", with a simple game mode, simple operation gameplay and a game experience close to "My World", bringing players free game entertainment. The streamlined game mode, simplified game model, and simple game framework are the biggest highlights of this game. In "Craftsman: Building Craft" only provides two modes of play, survival mode and creation mode, players can create their own world according to their preferences, in the world to achieve their dreams, the game itself provides a LAN online mode is to provide players with the opportunity to build with friends. You can build a city here, build a tower, or even belong to their own dream space.

The graphics of Craftsman: Building Craft are extremely similar to My World, with a pixelated art style, which means that players can avoid visual discomfort when building the world, and also greatly reduces the hardware requirements for gaming devices, allowing more users to enjoy the freedom of building in the game. The game provides realistic scene construction and sound experience, and the landscape game mode also presents players with a richer visual perception. When players build a city independently, the sense of achievement they reap will be an unprecedented gaming experience.

How to play

Craftsman: Building Craft's gameplay is simple yet rich. Players who like challenges are always on guard in survival mode to prevent sneak attacks from enemies in the shadows; while peace-loving players can choose to create their own homes in creation mode to realize all kinds of scenes in their dreams and reality through their own hard work, creating a variety of models in their own world. The players who love peace can choose to create their own homes in the creation mode, to realize all kinds of scenes in their dreams and reality through their own hard work, to create a thousand strange models in their own world.

In general you are an artisan in the game, your task is to design houses, castles and build them.

You can do this alone or with the help of your friends.

Please experience our game with.

-Stunning graphics and realistic sounds.

-Simple and easy to play.

-Many game modes.

-Very much like the real world.

-Lots of fun things to do


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