• BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Ios Android
  • June 30, 2021
  • 3.0M

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NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA TRIBES brings together your favorite characters and teams, blending multiple generations of the iconic NARUTO and BORUTO worlds. The original Team 7's Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura fight against or alongside new Team 7 rivals Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. Gaara and Ino-Shika-Cho are among the many other memorable fan favorites who join the fight!

Battle of the Ninja

Put your favorite shinobi on deck and strategically battle against three shinobi squads in fast-paced shinobi action, just like in the world of NARUTO and BORUTO. All it takes is one click!

Strategy Game

Develop the best strategy to defeat other ninjas in battle. Enhance shinobi skills and equipment with various training, game modes and rewards to unlock tons of game content. Rally your shinobi to compete with other players' teams or ally with their teams to tackle raids and defeat powerful raid leaders!

Tribal Specials

Perform dynamic jutsu combos that evoke the same sense of speed and awe as in the anime series as you bring the unique ninja combination to life with these incredible tricks.

Dynamic Visuals

Immerse yourself in highly dynamic 2D visuals that reveal an unparalleled sense of speed and immediacy. As you enhance Ninja Style, the character's visuals will evolve!

Content Pile

Battle tower battles in the Ninja Arena, fight against other players' stats, or team up with other players to defeat really tough opponents in raids. This is just some of the content you'll experience in the game... Get ready for more!

How to play

This game has the basic defense and city building aspects that you need to master to secure your resources. It also has a card element, as you need to collect and upgrade cards to ensure that your character can use all of its most powerful skills.

Controls and Foundations

A ninja cannot fight alone as well as complete missions on his own. You will have a team of four people, one of whom you can control and the other three are your teammates.

The ninja in the first slot is the ninja you will control, while the other three will fight beside you, but controlled by the AI. The controls are very simple. Touching the screen from anywhere in the bottom left corner will move. On the right side are buttons for special techniques or jutsu, provided you have them equipped. They can be activated at any time with a single tap, but there is a cooldown time before you can use them again.

The large fist button is used for basic attacks, and the purple crosshair indicates your current target. When an enemy is defeated, your ninja will automatically switch to the next closest enemy. You can also click the "Auto" button to watch the whole process, just like in the Naruto anime episode.

Boost your combat power

Acquiring new characters in Ninja is actually very easy. You need to collect the right number of Hero Fragments, which are easy to find. The hard part is matching your ninja with the right Ninja Card in order to unlock its true potential.

Ninja cards help your character in two ways. They give bonuses that increase as the cards themselves are upgraded. Some of them also come with Ninjutsu or Ultimate Jujutsu, which means your ninja will only attack if you have some Ninja Cards equipped.

Upgrading buildings

The city building part of the game is not the main focus of the game, but understanding it can still help you progress faster. Your village starts with just five structures: the base, the bank, the monument, the hotel and the shrine. The base is the heart of the village, and upgrading it will bring all other buildings up to the highest level.


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