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Garena Free Fire - Rampage
  • Android Ios
  • June 4, 2021
  • 143MB

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This is an exciting survival shooter. If you want to have fun with your best friends and want to explore a completely different world together. You can try to put yourself on this deserted island. Dozens of real players will be scattered on a deserted island. And there aren't many resources at your disposal. So you will have to be on your own and fight to survive. There are no strict rules and you are free to do whatever you want, but you have only one goal. You must survive and be the last survivor. This is not easy because there are many unpredictable situations. In addition, you must try to get enough resources to survive.

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter available on mobile devices. Every 10 minutes of gameplay places you on a remote island where you will compete with 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players are free to choose the starting point of their parachute and stay in a safe area for as long as possible. Explore the vast map in a vehicle, hide in the wilderness, or go stealthy under a meadow or crevice. Ambush, snipe, and survive with one goal in mind: survive and answer the call of duty.

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How to play

All the guns and materials in your eyes are for everyone. So it's perfectly okay for you to go looting if you dare. You can even drive around this desolate place and try to ambush other players to get the necessary resources you need to survive. You may think this is immoral. But if you want to keep yourself alive, you need to get rid of all ideas about morality, mercy and even humanity. You can do anything that will keep you alive. In addition, this is a very classic survival game. You have no reason to give up before the last minute because until the last minute, no one knows who will be the last survivor. You just need to focus on your survival job, forget about time and all the humane rules.

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